Commercial photographer by trade, fine artist by heart.

Photography has come a long way in the eyes of Todd Holben. Born and raised in the Midwest, he now resides in the Carolinas with his wife and children. Todd started his career with a small ad agency shooting a wide range of subject matter from portraits and product shots to sports photography. He soon moved into the graphics spectrum of the industry, working for a greeting card company where he learned the art of color management and converting original works of art for print.

After experiencing the full range of the photography industry Todd went to work for some of the largest printers in the United States, mastering the art of digital retouching and color correction for magazines. Todd opened his own studio, PhotoGraphics LLC., which has been in operation for over twenty years in the Charlotte metropolitan area.

While focusing his photography career on more commercial subject matter, Todd still enjoys and exercises his artistic eye . His prolific collection of fine-art photography available to view at Pbase.com/Holben.