My Short Bio

Commercial photographer by trade, fine artist by heart.

Photography has come a long way in the eyes of Todd Holben, born and raise in the Midwest, now residing in the Carolinas with his wife and five children. Todd starting his career with a small ad agency shooting a wide range of subject matter from Ceo portraits, product shots, to sports photography. He then advanced his career into the color spectrum by working for a greeting card company where he learned the art of color management and taking original art and converting it for print.

After learning that aspect of the business Todd went to work for some of the largest printers in the US where he did color work and retouching for magazines. After learning many aspect of the business, Todd started his own studio which has been in operation for fifteen years. After twenty five years as a commercial photographer Todd has begun a quest to push his ability as a Fine Art photographer were he has merged his love for woodworking by hand crafting his own frames, and from time to time building a piece of furniture. To see more of his work go to or


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